Wednesday, January 30, 2008 the air?? sure feels like Spring is in the air today. It is such a beautiful day here, I thought I should get out an enjoy some of the fresh air. Yesterday, it rained (and poured hard!) all day. Again this morning too. This afternoon though, the sun is shining and it feels and smells a lot like Spring. A lot of the snow around has disappeared (it has all melted off of the trees, it's starting to melt in the ditches and the water is running.) Brittney went for her usual 3 km walk to the post office today, wearing just her spring coat. Here are a couple of pictures of the same shot -- the first ones taken on Jan. 24 and the others taken today.

Tyler continues to work hard at his studies. I *think* he is trying to be the first one finished this year.....but he hasn't said this to me.

Brittney is also working hard and we are noticing her growing ability to put her school work first. She had opportunity to finish early the other day and go to the Library with Jake. She loves the library and spends a lot of time there, but this particular day she was determined to finish her work first.

Jake continues to be Jake. He is always working on ways to earn money. His latest attempt (which hasn't panned out for him yet....but he keeps hoping) was to offer Spanish lessons. He knows about 10 or 20 words, all of which he learned from the tv show Dora. So, he made up a flyer and posted one in the post office as well as the Town Hall. It was colourful and read.....


MrR JAKe ________ WiLL Teche You HOW TO SPeCK SPANiSh. I DON'T KNOW aLL OF SPANiSH. BUT i know ALOTe SO CALL Me iF YOU Are PLANeiNG TO GO TO MeXacoi. CALL Me and I WiLL Tech You SPANiSH. SO Just call Me AT


BY JAKE ________


and then he has his number written in vertical strips all along the bottom of the page and cut in between the vertical numbers so people can just tear off a slip and they will have a slip of paper with his number on it.

(Tyler commented he should learn English first)

He is he posted this flyer in early December. He still checks in quite often to see how many tags have been removed. A couple are missing.....but much to his dismay no phone calls yet. (LOL)

He is planning ahead to the summer though and already has ideas for money making ventures.


We're all continuing to learn about Newfoundland, the history, the culture. There is so much to learn and we feel like we've just scratched the surface.


Penelope said...

Oh Linda, I am rofl! Jake is such a character LOL! That is just too cute.

I still have the novel The Cruel Sea by Nicholas Monsarat that we studied in Newfoundland Culture in grade 10. It was a good book - I may just pull that out sometime soon.

At Home on the Rock... said...

Hmm...that sounds like a good book, Penelope - perhaps it's one we should read.