Sunday, January 27, 2008

More snow (click on pics to enlarge)

We had a snow storm yesterday. I'm not complaining though.....even though it was the worst one so far, it's only been the second one since our arrival here. The snow doesn't seem to bother us here the same. I think because of the way it is viewed. Businesses aren't afraid to shut down because of the snow ..... and they do. People are more willing to just go home, put another log on the fire and wait out the storm.

As you can see, we still don't have a lot of snow where we are. Larry loves using the snow blower and we all tease him about wanting to play with his toy.

Today, after he blew out the driveway and dug out the garbage box at the end of the driveway, we headed into "town". We call it the city (because it is, after all, a city) and our little town "the town" but....around here if you say you're going into town ---- that means the City of St. John's.

We never tire of the drive into "town". Meandering down along the coast line, the ocean is there to greet us at almost every bend and turn in the road. It never fails to mesmerize us ---- the calmness of it one day, the frenzied fury of it the next, the fresh layer of snow on the rocks yet on another day. It's always exciting to see what kind of a mood the ocean will be in on any given day.

We had groceries to buy, errands to run and drop off the older two children off to go "sliding" (what we would call toboganning) with the youth group, before heading home. The ride home is equally as beautiful, the same bends and turns, just a different angle and view. If it's at night...the moon is absolutely gorgeous shining across the water.

Yep.....we're definitely liking it here.

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BrendaS said...

OH, MY Linda...the pictures are beautiful!!!!! I can see why you'd be enjoying it so much. That's okay that the 'natives' of that part of the country don't want the waterfront leaves them for we Ontarians who would just love to live there...and on the shores of the ocean to boot!!!

Now, if we had a fireplace, I'd be all set to hibernate until Springtime! I'd love the slower pace of life out east...where they would send dh home from work and we could all hibernate together! :)