Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We saw icebergs today!!! Woohoo!!!

I've been keeping close watch every day for the last little while. Sometimes I see things floating way off in the distance but they've always turned out to be boats. But....not today!! We had headed off for piano lessons and stopped for the mail. As I waited for Brittney to return from the post office, I noticed these 'things' that seemed to be too lopsided to be boats, floating way off on the horizon. I made Larry return home so I could check through the binoculars and sure enough.....they were ICEBERGS!!!

There were lots of them and we not only saw them here, but all along the coast on our way into town. By the time we returned home, there were 5 or 6 floating around and we could see them from our back yard.

I tried to take some pics, but they were just too far away. They ended up looking like small dots on the screen. I'm hopeful though, one (or maybe even two) will make it's way into our little bay here (in which case, I'll be snapping lots of pics!)

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