Thursday, April 24, 2008

It stopped by for a visit! (Click to enlarge pics)

Finally, (well I guess it's only been two days, but it *seems* like a long time) an iceberg floated in by our house. We watched and watched all day as it got closer and closer. We were all excited but disappointed at the same time because as it got closer it was also getting darker.

At night, even though it is pitch black here, the stars and moon are so bright (when it's not cloudy) that it looks like there are outside lights on. (I've gotten up more than once to check and make sure the outside lights were in fact off.) That, together with the bright whiteness of the iceberg was amazing --- almost like it glowed in the dark --- we could see it from our house in the darkness of the night.

I was afraid it would be gone by this morning. I was like a kid at Christmas and just couldn't get to sleep. I checked a few times through the night and finally at 5:30 I got up and even though it had moved away from our was still in our little bay! I didn't want to go down there though because I didn't want to run into a moose.....I'm not sure how they react to people at close range. Finally at 6:00, I couldn't wait any longer so away I went. Above, are some pics I took early this morning. It was still kind of dark and it's cloudy here today (figures) so they're a bit dark. I think too it's getting smaller, so it's not a huge iceberg like some.

Oh was good enough for *this* mainlander.


CrazyBunnyLady said...

So cool! I don't have any iceburgs in chicago. Stupid Chicago!oxpjy

yofed said...

Your pictures are awesome! :D