Friday, April 18, 2008

A poem Catherine and Jake

Jake has never been a sit down and work kind of a guy. He's very hands on and learns by doing. I have a friend, who is also a homeschooling mom with a daughter fairly close in age and personality to Jake. So, us moms came up with an idea and our kids seemed quite happy to go along with it all.

One of them would start a poem by making up a line. That would then be emailed to the other for that one to make up a line and add it. Back and forth it went until a poem was created. Catherine and Jake are sure, it will be worth millions (they're hoping anyway ;0) ), it's really just a matter of time

So, without further is their poem....

My name is Jake and I checked my clock
To see if it was bedtime
When upon my door I heard a knock
And found there was a dinosaur

He was so strong, he knocked out his teeth
And they scattered all over the floor
He exclaimed, "Oh my! look underneath ...
Me, my teeth are everywhere!"

He shovelled them up into his mouth
To see if they would fit again
Nope! So off to the tooth store down south
"I need new teeth," said the dinosaur

The cashier had some teeth on the shelf
He took them to see if they would fit
Then he said, "Oh my, you have bad health!"
You should go to the dentist!

Good job, Catherine and Jake!


Penelope said...

Very Cute! What a neat idea!!

Linda said...

That is warm in Toronto. I don't think our temps are that high atm, though it is beautiful. I just checked online around 23 which is still warmish. It looks like our warm spell is going to break at the end of the week.