Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's been a whirlwind of a visit

Helping Brittney sell ice water

Windy day at Cape Spear

Our backyard

Marilyn and Dad in our backyard

I haven't been blogging for a few days as we've been enjoying the grandparent's visit. And quite a few days it has been! I guess the best way to describe it would be while experiencing that 'east coast laid backness' (hmmmm....are those even words???), we've still managed to keep somewhat busy.

Some highlights have been:

~~Each kid has enjoyed their own special day and time with Grandma and Grandpa.

***Jake chose Swiss Chalet for his restaurant. They then enjoyed an unplanned tour of St. John's. We finished that night off by a visit to our friend's Paul and Joan.

***Next was Brittney's turn. She chose A & W for her restaurant. She then followed that with a trip to Frenchy's for a shopping spree. She got 2 t shirts, a pair of capris and flip flops .... all for $15.00.

***Tyler was next and he chose Jungle Jim's. They also went to a used book store where he found some old Archie Comics.

***Last but not least was our turn. Dad had wanted to check out where the ferry would be coming in, so the four of us went for a drive there. It was a pretty drive and Larry and I saw an area of NL we had not yet seen. On our way home Marilyn and Dad took us out for dinner to a little cafe here in Pouch Cove. It was a great afternoon!

Also during their time here, we took them to Cape Spear (which is the most easterly point in North America). It was really windy that day, but the whales were out in full force. We sat and watched them for a bit before heading to downtown St. John's for some shopping. We followed that by supper at Montana's.

We also took advantage of the free admission night to The Rooms. We've wanted to go there for some time, but have just never made it. A great way for (all of) us to learn more about Newfoundland, the way of life here (both past and present).

The nights are usually spent playing dominoes or cribbage with them.

Today, Marilyn and I are heading to a local artist's shop for a visit.

It's hard to believe their visit is drawing to a close...we've all enjoyed our visit with them so much!


Becky said...

You have been missed, I am so glad you are making the most of the visit.Most of my family lives within 1/2 mile of my house and none live out of state.Sometimes I take that for granted. That girl of yours is a great shopper, Love the pics. The view from your yard is like looking at a picture, well, you know what I mean.For you, for me well, it is a pic.

molytail said...

Sounds like you've all been having a lovely visit! :-)

Kathy said...

In the picture of a windy day at Cape Spear, I think Larry and Brittney might be *too* acclimated to NL - brrr, they're making me shiver in their shirt sleaves, lol.