Monday, July 7, 2008

The Whales are Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Whales are Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brittney looking for whales..... (click to enlarge pics)

I's difficult to tell if this is really a whale....but it is! If you click on the pic it will enlarge and then if you look closely in the middle of the picture....that black spot *is* a whale. I'm not quick enough on the draw and always seem to miss capturing them. I am working on this.

Besides my poor photography skills, sometimes we are just too far away/too high to get a good picture (I need a better camera). Just to give you an idea of how high we are, here are some people fishing off the rocks next to our place. As you can see, the rocks they're on are up high and our lookout is much higher still (those are tree tops we're looking down on).


The whales have *finally* arrived in our back yard.

Upon moving to Newfoundland, we'd hoped to see a few things....with icebergs and whales being at the top of the list. We weren't disappointed with this year's bumper crop of icebergs and were hoping the whales would follow suit.

We've been waiting, patiently waiting (and sometimes not so patiently) to see some whales. We keep asking our Newfoundland friends, "When will the whales be here??", which for reasons we still don't understand, causes them to laugh heartily at us. Oh well....we're mainlanders....what can I say? lol

Then....on top of's been such a cool, wet and foggy spring....we were concerned we'd end up missing the whales altogether (can't see whales if you can't see the water). Everyone assured us though....that type of weather is "Caplin Weather." It will bring the Caplin in and the Caplin brings the whales in.

So ..... we continued to wait.

Sure enough......the weather turned warm and beautiful here last week. The Capelin came in.....and so did the Whales!!!

Larry, Tyler and I went to the lookout in our backyard yesterday afternoon. WOW!!! The ocean was much spouting going on and then the whales would come up! As we looked out over the ocean....numerous white spouts dotted the blue water. Everywhere we looked....spouts.

Today was no different. Brittney and I went back....equipped with our binoculars and camera. Off in the distance we saw a shining object floating on top of the water. Looking through the binoculars....we could see it was a whale floating on top....his wet skin reflecting the sun and really sparkling. A few minutes later....down he went.

It was simply amazing watching them and the show they put on. Some came right out, some caused big splashes, some waved their fin, some barely disturbed the surface as they gracefully came up and went back down....we saw it all and had front row seats. We were just amazed at their beauty and grace.

Sorry about the picture....but it's the best I could get. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some better pics to post. Half of the time they were out too far and when they were in closer, I had a hard time getting a picture when they were up. By the time the camera went off....the whale had disappeared down and all that showed up was a picture of the water. :0('d think the least they could do, is hold that pose in mid air while I get a half decent picture ;0)


Jacqueline said...

LOL!!! I just love seeing my home province through your eyes. Whale watching is exciting, but scary when you're in a boat close to them. At least I find it scary, but the rest of my family loves it.

At Home on the Rock... said...

We've heard other Newfoundlanders say that too (about seeing their province through our What can I say though.....we just find it so amazing and beautiful here....Canada's best kept secret.

I've asked one of our friends here (he used to be a fisherman before the moratorium) what happens if you're out in a boat and a whale comes right up beside it? I dunno....he just laughs at that comment too....yep...mainlanders we are lol

molytail said...'d think the least they could do, is hold that pose in mid air while I get a half decent picture

ROFL. Darn whales not cooperating LOL

Hey do you have a "sport" setting on your camera? I *think* that's supposed to make for a faster shutter speed or something, taking the pic quicker... Not positive, I never mess with's usually just on 'auto' LOL...

Whales are way cool! :-)

Becky said...

Well I would be the same way. It is always exciting to see new things.Love the pics.