Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ya' just never know...

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who will arrive at your doorstep.

This point was driven home this past Thursday. It was 4:00 in the afternoon. I was talking on the phone with my friend Lori from Ontario, when I noticed a car coming down our driveway. We seem to get quite a few cars coming down here....people come down to look at the icebergs/ocean etc. I've come home more than once to find a car parked and the people out looking around. We've posted "Private Drive" signs at the end of the driveway....that has stopped most people but occasionally, we still get the odd car coming down. Thursday, was one of those days. As the car came down and didn't leave, I knew they were still out there. I sent Jake out to see who it was and politely ask if he could help them. A few minutes later he returned with tears streaming down his face.........yelling

"You aren't going to believe this but Grandpa and Marilyn (my step-mom) are sitting in our driveway!!!!"

So....I went out and sure enough --- there they were!! We haven't seen them since we left Ontario almost a year ago.

They are both 80 something and Wow! --- what a trip they had to get here.

~~They took a train from Ontario to Montreal.
~~At Montreal they caught another train to Moncton.
~~There was some sort of mix up/problem there and they had to take a taxi from Moncton to Truro, NS. They said the taxi driver drove 125 kms/hr all the way...
~~At Truro, they caught a bus which brought them to North Sydney, NS, where the NL Ferry comes in.
~~They rented a car in North Sydney to bring over here and then boarded the Ferry.
~~They took the long ferry ride (which was a 17 hour trip).
~~They arrived in NL in the early morning and drove to St. John's where they got lost but eventually found their way here.

They were introduced to a lot of 'Newfoundland' things within a day or two of arriving here. After disembarking off the ferry, they saw a moose. When they arrived here at our house, we took them back to our lookout. While there, a whale came up about 10 feet off of our shore/rocks and swam right by us. It swam gracefully by us on the surface, coming up out of the water twice. It came out of the water as if to say, 'Welcome'. just never know who will arrive.


Jacqueline said...

How nice! I hope you have a wonderful visit

Linda said...

Marilyn looks nice. I didn't think to have my children called their step-Grandpa by his first name, I think it is a great idea. Less confusing.

I appreciate step-mother's more these days, as mine mentioned my Grandparents one day recently. I was so happy to hear someone talk of them.

molytail said...

Oh my, what a surprise for you! Yay!

And I always think it's awesome when older folks just up and do stuff like that LOL ...

I hope you all have a fantastic visit!

Penelope said...

How fun! Have a great visit!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Hi, Linda, and nice to meet you! Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog.

I mentioned wanting to visit NL because one of my dearest friends lives in Corner Brook. It's our dream to someday visit each other in our homes. It's a long way between Corner Brook, NL, Canada and Bay, Arkansas, USA.

I just read through many of your posts and I really enjoyed my visit here. Love the pictures! My friend often posts pictures of her beach house and local scenery.

Please feel free to visit my blog anytime, and I'll be back to visit you!