Thursday, August 21, 2008

All is not equal

between the laws governing homeschooling policies and procedures between the provinces in Canada.

Most of our homeschooling has happened in the province of Ontario. I think we were somewhat spoiled by homeschooling there. While nothing was offered, nothing was expected. In other words.....while there was no funding extended to homeschoolers, no reporting or monitoring had to be given in return.

Tyler and Brittney both attended public school in Ontario. Tyler finished grade four Brittney, grade two. When we decided to homeschool, a letter stating our intent (along with each child's name and birthdate) was the only requirement. We hand delivered one to the principal of the school and sent a copy to the school board.

A couple of weeks later, we received a reply letter from the school board. They thanked us for letting them know and provided us with a couple of phone numbers should we wish to have our children take part in the provincial standardized testing (we didn't.....that's one reason we decided to homeschool....but that's a whole different post).

End of story. We had no further communication with the school or the board for the five years we continued to homeschooled there. No reporting, no monitoring, no testing. That suited us just fine....even though they did not extend us any funding either.

Homeschooling here in Newfoundland seems to be a lot different. Upon our first visit here, we were quite surprised by the requirements and stories relayed by other homeschoolers. Reporting and monitoring seems to be common procedure. I feel being so new here, we don't really have the right or the knowledge to properly comment on the laws and/or requirements. We are still learning as we go along.


Linda said...

Hi. Our State is funny it seems like it is strict, but I think the laws about homeschooling are actually quite soft, I think it depends if you start off in the school system or not.

I have nominated you for a meme! I hope you don't mind.


Becky said...

Good luck, Hope it all works out for ya.Here in Georgia We have to turn in an intent form 1 time a year and an monthly attendance report.Other than that the schoolboard wants not to do with us.They are "Give nothing and expect nothing".And that is fine with me.

Jacqueline said...

This is excellent, Linda. Thanks. I have heard mixed stories of the requirements here in Newfoundland. I haven't had to do any reporting in my 10plus years of homeschooling here. My experience has been pretty much like yours was in Ontario. It seems to depend on where in Newfoundland you are.

molytail said...

Couple of links that might interest you - if you haven't already come across them...

Christian Home Educators of Newfoundland and Labrador

Fireside Homeschool

CHENL Chat (Yahoo chat group for the first one)

You might have already come across them, but I thought I'd pass them on anyway just in case. :-)

Seems to me I remember reading something on the Canadian board about a lady from NFLD who had a lot of problems with the school board there...I can't remember who that was was quite a while ago...

Our province is pretty laid back, from what I can tell.. (only been doing this a year) ...letter of intent with a "copy of the proposed plan of education" (translates to "very basic outline" you go. I don't know yet if a person needs to send the letter each year or not - it just says in our act to notify prior to the beginning of THE school year... it doesn't say "each" ....

I hope you don't get given a hard time there!

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks, Molytail --- I'm off to check out those links!