Thursday, August 7, 2008

And Still More Visitors.....

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And they're off........

Larry's sister, niece and great nephew from the mainland came to visit us.

After not seeing them for a whole year, we really enjoyed their visit! It was a short one but a great one, nonetheless. As with any short visit, the risk of encountering only bad weather is higher. This was the case with this visit. Although it could have been worse (with high humidity or smog or tornado watches and warnings or severe thunderstorms and/or weather warnings that are quite prevalent in the part of Ontario we were from), it was bad enough. Even though it was cooler and cloudy and some drizzle, we managed to show them around our part of 'The Rock'. Things always look better in the sunshine but we still managed to look around a bit.

We visited Cape Spear (the most easterly point in North America)

We visited Middle Cove Beach.

We had 'a feed' of fresh Newfoundland Cod --- 'Fish and Chips'. Mmmmmm soooo good!

We spent an afternoon in St. John's visiting various shops.

We celebrated the three August birthdays.

We spent time chatting, catching up and being entertained by our two year old great nephew (he's so cute!).

The three days seemed to fly by and as quick as our visitors came....they were off again.

And of course....the day after they left....the weather turned nice again....sigh...


molytail said...

Glad you could have some fun with them, even if the weather was kinda cruddy (it's been the same here)! :-)

Linda said...

Fish and chips, yum. I have been thinking about fish and chips lately.