Saturday, August 16, 2008

More Newfoundland Hospitality

Larry and I went for a walk Thursday night. We quite often walk after dark but because the weather guy was calling for a huge rain storm (60 mm) we thought it best to go before the rain started.

As we walked down the main road, a couple were out on their front deck. We spoke as we walked by, stopping across the road from their place to admire the view of the ocean. After a few minutes, we headed back and as we did, they started to speak to us.

"You're welcome to come up here on our deck and see the view from here", offered the man. So...up we went.

We admired the view.

They offered us some drinks.

They brought out some pictures of this year's bumper crop of icebergs.

They showed us some pictures of their family. Some live out west, some in the States and some in Pouch Cove.

They told us the history of some of the houses.

They showed us some woodworking they had done, planters and such. This was followed by a tour of his shop and of some of the items he is working on. After the tour of his shop, he gave us one of his latest creations (a toilet roll holder). It wasn't finished he gave us some sand paper to finish it, a sponge brush to put the varathane on with as well as a brief lesson on how to finish it.

We left there feeling like they've been life-long friends.

Once again, Newfoundland hospitality in action. It never ceases to amaze us.


Linda said...

Sounds like you have been having fun.

molytail said...

Oh that holder is awesome! What great neighbours you've got. :-) (I don't mean just because they gave you a gift LOL ...I mean overall)

Becky said...

That sounds like you have nice neighbors.Cute TP holder.It is always nice to know your neighbors.I live surrounded by family members so I have to "Love Thy Neighbor".lol

Penelope said...

Wow, you are meeting some fun people Linda! I'm so glad that you're feeling so at home!