Monday, January 12, 2009

A game!!

Yofed, over at The Land of cheerios, Sticky Fingers and Muddy Shoes participated in a Meme. She had to list 10 things she loved that began with the letter "C" and instructions for anyone else who wanted to play to leave her a note and she'd give a letter. Even though she didn't choose chocolate as one of her favourite C things, I thought I'd give the game a try.

So....she has given me the letter "N". I have to name 10 things I love that start with the letter "N". goes...

I betcha all can't guess what the number one thing will be....can ya *grin*

1) NEWFOUNDLAND!! I know, I know....surprise surprise lol

2) Noodles --- I love all things noodles....always have and probably always will.

3) Noon --- Lunch has always been my favourite meal of the day. Supper was too heavy. Breakfast foods...well they never excited me too much....but the Noon meal --- my favourite (time to eat lots of Noodles)

4) Naps ---- I've come to love naps. When I was younger....I hated them. I was so excited when I started Kindergarten....I thought *finally* I'd be able to give up my stupid, stupid afternoon nap ....but guess what? I only went to school in the morning and was *still* home in time for my afternoon nap. Oh brother.

5) North Pole --- Honestly, who can not love where Santa lives?

6) Nature ---- Icebergs, Whales, Rocks, Oceans, Blue Sky....hmmmm no further explanation needed on this one.

7) News --- I love listening to the news, reading the news and trying to be as up-to-date as what is going on in the world. That's one thing I miss about Ontario....they had an all news radio station.....but there doesn't seem to be one here (not that I've found anyway).....except I *can* get that Toronto all news station on our satellite not all is lost (except...the announcers sound funny to me now......they have no accent....or is it them that has the accent?). One of the local radio stations here does have several call-in shows where people can discuss's a good way to keep up on what is going on locally.

I still read the on-line versions of the newspapers from the town where we used to live. I also check the local funeral homes' death notices too....I like to keep up on all of these kinds of things.

My dad jokes that I know more about what goes on in his town (the same town where I used to live) than he does. He's in Florida right now for the winter. Somebody else down there heard a little bit of news about home but didn't have any details. My Dad said he'd call Newfoundland to find out what is going on in Ontario.

8) Nicknames --- I looovvee nicknames! Well....I like assigning them rather....but it's still the same thing right? When I was younger, I especially liked assigning nicknames to my little brother. He never thought too highly of the nicknames I came up with for him....not sure why.....I guess he just didn't appreciate my gift of choosing such excellent names. Like....when my parents used to make him get a reaalllyyy short hair cut (we're talking a buzz cut)....I thought nicknames like Peach Fuzz and Bean Shave were quite appropriate. Then when the ...... ummm...effectiveness (read: they no longer bothered him) of those wore off....I came up with personal favourite (which won me the most punches).....Woo Woo (I arrived at this name after one hair cut...I was running my hand over his hair cut that he hadn't really appreciated and I was saying, "Wooo Wooo").

But....I no longer call him these names.....he's big now.....6'3".....I address him as Mr. S_________ (not really but I've long since lost the nicknames)

9) Nieces --- I have the cutest nieces!

10) Nourishment ---- I love my food mmmm.....

There....I did it!

Anyone else want to play along? Leave me a comment and I'll come up with a letter for you.


Mama Squirrel said...

I'll play--just don't give me anything like Q, okay? ;-)

At Home on the Rock... said...

LOL....ok Mama Squirrel...I won't give you about X? lol...just kidding of course....I will give you the letter "S" .

Linda said...

I have an award for you.

I would love a letter, please.

At Home on the Rock... said...

Glad to have you playing along, Linda....let's see....your letter is "B".

Now I'm off to see the award I've won --- thanks very much!