Sunday, January 4, 2009


It snowed here last night....not quite the storm they were predicting, but we did get about 10 - 12 cms (4 or 5 in) just the same. There are mostly evergreen trees around here and we just love the way the snow sticks to them.

I went for a walk down to the ocean, armed with my camera. Here is a picture tour from around our yard.

(Click pictures to enlarge them)

Starting from inside and looking out our front window ........

Outside looking down our driveway.....

Looking toward the ocean from beside our house

Looking north east .... our shed, next year's heating supply and the Atlantic Ocean

Panning to the right around our back yard

Even further to the right

In our back yard, heading down our trail toward the ocean

On the trail...

Two more pics from on the trail

From the lookout

We feel truly blessed to be able to live here and see sights like this every.single. day.


Linda said...

I think it is beautiful too!

Becky said...

So... I should be expecting a soggy wet box in a few days!! I am so excited, for you. It is truely a wonderland that you live in, winter or summer!

Molytail said...

*sigh* ....Alberta needs an ocean. :-P

Rick said...

Who could hate winters with scenery like that.

Molytail said...

sneaking back in to let you know that I tagged you for a blog award! :-)