Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We were on tv!

There is a CBC program called Living Newfoundland & Labrador. It showcases various things happening in and around Newfoundland. They did a segment on the St. John's Farmers' Market and as some of you may remember, we were a part of that market for a few months.

I say we were 'sorta' on tv....because while we weren't interviewed, you can see us in the background (and...quite frankly...that will be the closest we will ever make it to being on tv lol). After they stop panning around the room and show the interview, we can be seen in the background. Our table has a red table cloth, dh has a blue shirt on and I have a light pink one on. Brittney and Jake can also be seen (at one point Jake gives me a hug lol).

Anyway, you can see it here


Jacqueline said...

I saw you! :)

Linda said...

That is very exciting.

Becky said...

We want an autograph, esp. Jakes. I bet that boy was so excited.