Thursday, April 9, 2009

A beautiful day here on the Rock (click pics to enlarge)

It was about 15*C (59*F)here today, the sun was shining and there was a warm, gentle breeze blowing. I went to our lookout to take it all in...I never get sick of it back there. It will be better when we get our benches back out there...hopefully this week.

Here are some shots...panning from south to north. I quite often get asked how high up we are or how big the icebergs are. It's hard to know exactly....other than I know we are high and the icebergs are (usually) huge. My pictures never do it justice..the rocks always look small.....but these ones just might show things a bit differently. Can you see the people in these pics? You may have to click on the pics to enlarge them enough to actually see the people. I hope this puts it into a bit better perspective seeing how small the people are compared to the rock.

Continuing to pan to the north out over the ocean....( didn't think I'd skip a picture of 'my' iceberg, didya?? ;))....actually...this guy is a playful fellow. He floats in toward shore, then he'll hide behind the fog for a day or two, then float outward for awhile and so on. It's always interesting to see where he ends up. Today, he is out quite far.

Here is the view to the north. Once again this will better illustrate how high up we are and how huge the rocks are...can you see the people in these shots? Click to enlarge and hopefully that will bring them up person is wearing a red shirt which may help a bit.

We were able to get a start on next year's heating supply. To our surprise, Jake insisted he was big enough to help he did....

The night was equally as beautiful. The moon shining across the ocean is amazing. My camera does not take very good pictures and does not do it justice...but I tried.

This one is taken from beside our house.

This one is taken from our lookout.


Linda said...

I like kids learning about chainsaws etc., or rather watching someone use one. I suppose I have happy memories of it.

Renee said...

Oh, what beautiful pictures ~ seeing the people DOES give me a better perspective of the size of things. WOW...looks like you do have a good start for winter's wood. Joel's parent had a wood burning furnace in their home in N Central MN...they were surrounded by woods and just took their yearly supply from there.
Thanks for sharing.

Twisted Cinderella said...

this brings back a lot of memories for me!

Becky said...

Now that's a "Big Ole' Rock!"
And a very pretty one also.