Wednesday, April 1, 2009 mistake

I've been referring to the ice currently in our bay as "Sea Ice". I was talking to another CFA and she mentioned they'd been calling it "Pack Ice". Sooo...that got me thinking and wondering what the proper name was. I googled it, which wasn't much help as both names seemed to pop up interchangeably. Sooo...I went to my resident expert on all things Newfoundland (ie his family has been here for generations) to ask what the proper name was.

He said, "It's just ice....only mainlanders name it something other than ice." He was just kidding of course...but he enjoys pointing out our different (than his) mainlander ways. (Same as the ocean...I call it the "Ocean"...cuz it *is* the ocean....but he refers to it as "the water".) Anyway....when I kept pushing him for a name....he said if he had to say, he'd call it "Pack Ice".

So...sorry for the wrong's my mistake and from now on I'll call it either "Ice" or "Pack Ice".


Linda said...

I have an award for you.


It is ALSO called "slob ice" and "slop ice!"