Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yep....made in China

Further to yesterday's post, it seems like the reusable bags are made in China.

Why am I not surprised?

According to this CBC article anyway, 4th paragraph from the bottom, it states:

"Loblaw's reusable bags are about 100 per cent post-recycled plastic and are made in China mostly from recycled bottles"

CBC article

So....while we're to use (oh...and buy) the reusable bags, you know, for the good of the environment, we're just to ignore the fact these reusable bags, are made in China.

We won't discuss how these bags get here or the negative environmental impact that has. We'll just look the other way.

We also won't discuss how we're in an economic crisis, with Canadians loosing their jobs at an unprecedented rate and yet we buy these bags from where?

Perhaps though, as the above article is five months old, they've changed their ways and are selling bags made in Canada? (I'm sincerely asking because there is not a lot on-line mentioning where these bags are produced....but if they are made in Canada...why not promote that fact?) If they have changed to made in Canada bags, I'd be a little more willing to believe they are truly concerned about the environment and not just trying to cash in on it.


Renee said...

I get very frustrated with buying products from other countries and especially China due to the problems we have had with their toys having toxic materials in them, etc. that our children are playing with. I also just like the idea of our clothes and products mostly coming from where we you...
this makes no sense,does it. It is all about greed I think....

At Home on the Rock... said...

I agree 100% with you Renee. We (here in Canada) have had the same types of problems with toys and toxic materials etc.

It is all about greed...which is sad enough...but when they (big companies and governments) hide behind the environmental thing (which make people buy into it all the more) makes it even worse.

Shannon said...

I also get frustrated with the cheap stuff coming in from overseas, especially when some of those things are easily found here! I checked the bags we have from the grocery store and wasn't surprised to find they are made in China. Too bad they didn't source a Canadian company for them. Greed was a factor, I'm sure!

I ordered cloth bags for a fundraiser several years ago from a company in Ontario that manufactures the bags themselves. I'm not sure where the material comes from, it's not clear on their site, but I'm curious now. Anyway, we used them for a fundraiser and they were fairly popular before the huge press for using reusable bags. These are large bags and we have used them for carrying library books back and forth, beach totes, grocery bags and for loads of other things. Other than looking a little dirty from so much use (I really need to wash them all again), they are in fantastic condition.

The store brand ones we have had for probably over a year now are starting to wear a little on the folded edges of the bottoms, but they have held up remarkably well and they are used regularly, not just for groceries.

Yesterday, I fit 2x2L cartons of chocolate milk, a 4L bag of milk, a 1.2L tin of apple juice and a large jar of salsa all in one of the grocery store bags. It was heavy (I had only gone in for three things so only brought one bag!!!), but there was room for more on the top if needed.

For our regular large shopping trips for a family of five we usually need two baskets (about the same size as the Knob Hill Farms ones), and 4-6 of the reusable bags. The ones we have hold a surprising amount of groceries and we just make sure heavier things are spread around a bit.

I like that the general public is being made more aware of how their choices affect the environment, but the politics behind it makes me gag.

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks, Shannon. I too plan on checking our grocery store to see where exactly the bags were made. :0)

You've made some great points with excellent info....some more things for me to consider.

I read a press release from Loblaws and by their own admission, they said the bags would last for about 50 shopping if yours are the sounds like you've done well to make yours last so long (oh....and in their press release they said consumers could return the worn out bags to the store for recycling and then of course by more bags ;0))

Our family would fill at least 4 Knob Hill Baskets of groceries ...possibly 5. We'll most likely go to this type of basket system. I'm really not comfortable with the cloth bags (for us)...especially since I've been sick. The kids have taken on a lot more of the chores and putting groceries away is one of them. I can just see them putting the bags away that have had juice, milk or meat leak into them (not realizing of course)...which would cause a lovely odour not to mention contaminating other food in the cupboard or food put in the next time we go shopping and/or attracting insects/rodents etc. A container could at least be wiped out after each shopping trip.

I too like the fact the public is being made more aware of environmental issues....but it really bothers me when all companies are doing is cashing in on it, making themselves look good and actually doing the environment just as much harm (or maybe even more harm) ..such as this bag issue.

Everyone I know re-uses those plastic bags over and over...I know we do. Many people use them as garbage now what will they do...they'll have to buy garbage bags which means just as many in our landfills (except for now the companies make more money because people are buying garbage bags). Then when you add in the environmental impact of shipping all those cloth bags all the way from China ....(which also makes me Renee pointed out about all the toxic materials in toys from do we know these bags are safe to put our food in? We wash all of our fruit and veggies...but I know a lot of people who don't always grab a handful of grapes or an apple etc. without washing them).

So much to consider and think through...too bad the companies and governments wouldn't give us the whole story.

Thanks, again!