Monday, December 8, 2008

Best Salesman (click to enlarge)

Well...the Farmers' Market is over for this year. Saturday was the year end Christmas party and celebration. I didn't make it as I wasn't feeling so well...but Larry and the three children went.

During the evening they handed out awards. Best Food Vendor, Best Busker, Most Popular Vendor etc. were just some of the categories. Jake was surprised when they called his name....

He won for the category:

Best Salesman and Backrubber!

He was sooo excited but also felt bad for me because I didn't win any awards...oh well....can't win them all.

Congratulations Jake!


molytail said...

Very cool! Congratulations Jake!

Penelope said...

Congratulations Jake! Wonderful news!

I hope you're feeling better soon Linda.

Becky said...

Way to go Jake!!!

And I hope you feeling better soon.