Friday, December 26, 2008

Woohoo...our snow is gone!

Some pics of our back yard today.... (Click pics to enlarge)

The rushing brook beside and behind our house. After it runs over these rocks, (which are actually quite high up) it reaches the rocks at the left-hand edge of this picture. It then tumbles way down over some more rocks to create our own waterfalls ----- which we've dubbed Pouch Cove Falls ;0)(see bottom two pics)---- before it eventually empties into the ocean.

Pics of 'Pouch Cove Falls' taken last year from a higher vantage point on our property. This shows the whole area...the flat rock area from above as well as the whole falls.

Sooo...with the full and rushing brook and the snow all but gone.....would it be presumptuous of me to think Spring has sprung? I know spring is nowhere even close but hey...I can always dream...right???


Becky said...

You can always dream, it may even get you through winter alot faster. The waterfall is pretty.
It was 70*F (21*C) here tomorrow but it will be in the 40's(4-9*C) for highs next week.
Just for you, I have downloaded a tempature converter now!lol

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks, Becky. We used to be on the imperial system of measurement (F, inches etc.)until a few years ago (well..30 years ago or so lol) our gov't switched us to the metric system. I was right in the group that had learned the imperial system in school for the first few years and then switched to the metric system....which meant I didn't learn either system as well as I should have. Sooo....I still think in imperial terms for some things (like height, weight, temp) and metric for others (like speed etc.) When I hear the weather, I have to translate it into F so I can fully understand what they are saying. Thankfully, dh is a math guy and he can convert all measurements from one system to the other without hardly thinking about it. If he's not around though.....I'm in a bit of trouble (but am getting better at it)