Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well....we've made it to Christmas Eve. Those of you who know Jake, know what his regular energy level is like. Throw in candy, chocolate and Christmas into the mix....and.....well....there just isn't the words to describe his energy level. I hope to make it through tomorrow ..... did I mention....he's excited????

We had our usual Christmas Eve here. Chicken Cordon Swiss and Chicken Fried Rice (from M & M) for supper. Our friend Paul and his grandson AJ stopped by for a visit after supper. He had presents for the kids.....which added to their excitement. Have I mentioned .... Jake is excited??

We followed that by some carol singing. It used to be just me playing the piano and the rest singing...but now the dc are able to play....we each take turns playing while the rest of us sing...even Larry gets into the Christmas spirit and sings.

All is quiet here now....the dc are in bed and we're hoping Jake actually goes to sleep.....although he's been out three times in 30 minutes....once to remind us to leave out some milk, once to get a drink and once to tell us he can't fall asleep in his bed and would it be ok if he slept with us.'s going to be a long night.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Linda said...

It is a big achievement to get to Christmas Eve. I forgot we cheated a little.

Enjoy your day!

Becky said...

You go Jake!
We could all learn from Jake. It does us good to get excited once in a while.But, I do bet he was a handful, precious but a handful.
Merry Christmas!