Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I will take it!

I am just not a snow person...not at all. I'd be more than happy if we never received another flake. Not ever.

Here is what's left of our snow. With all the rain and mild temps....the 40 cms we received last month....HAS ALL BUT GONE!! YAHOO!!!!

Here is what's left.....

Ohh...I found another patch.....(this size...I can handle ;))

None here...

None at the park (that's a mud puddle in the middle of the road)

Our front yard...none (those are white stones in the garden)

Looking down our driveway

I'm enjoying it while I can....they're calling for 15 - 20 cms (6 - 8 inches) on Saturday. I'm hoping it won't stay for long (and if it does...I'm sending it to Becky).


Renee said...

Enjoyed your photos. We are getting snow again right now and winds tomorrow with -35 wind chills expected again...Feels like Northern Mn down here in the "south"....Iowa.
Enjoy your snowless environment while you can!

Becky said...

I will Take it!

If there is snow within 4 hrs of us, we will drive 4 hrs to play in the snow. lol My snow chance isn't looking to good for today. A road trip/ Field trip ;-) may be in our future.

Shannon said...

Enjoy your January thaw! Just as long as you don't send that snow my way, we're fine! lol!

I'm actually hoping for a wee thaw. Not enough to flood my basement, but enough for the kids to locate one of our snowshovels that went missing in the backyard!