Monday, March 17, 2008

Back to the grind

Well....this morning got off to a good start. Brittney set her alarm, was up early, had breakfast, dressed, made her bed and ready to go in record time.

Tyler is always punctual so it was business as usual for him. He works away at his own pace....keeping an even keel. He works away until all is done and done correctly. We very seldom have to question his progress. Sometimes, he is even tougher on himself than we would be.

It was business as usual for Jake too.....he climbed into bed with me this morning. He snuggled in under the covers and we talked about our day, what we hoped to accomplish, about the big storm that was approaching, why he wasn't allowed to go the library and the importance of keeping his room picked up regularly.

After breakfast was done, the dishes were washed (thanks Lar!) and the kitchen cleaned up. Jake and I got another blanket and put it over us, while he did his reading. He read to me and I read some to him. He went on to do his Science, Math and Piano Lessons.

After lunch, Brittney made her usual trek to the post office for the mail. She was quite disgusted about the approaching storm as that would mean the library would most likely be closed this evening and she wouldn't be able to go.

Tyler went out for more wood.....there is an approaching storm that is to be quite bad and we want to be prepared in case there is a power failure. They don't want to have to go out in a blizzard with 120 km/h winds just to get wood.

All in all....a good first day back.

We're hoping to get our second wind and push forward in order to finish our year on time.


Becky said...

Wow the snow is pretty. We live in Georgia and we never get snow. Just came across your blog and you have beautiful pics of the lake or ocean.

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks, Becky!

The snow is quite pretty when it sticks to the evergreen trees and then the sun shines on it --- makes everything really sparkle. On a night like tonight though, I am envious of your no snow -- we're in the middle of a snow storm with high winds. We're supposed to get 2 feet of the stuff tonight --- that's going to be a lot of shovelling and make for some bad driving.

That's the Atlantic Ocean. We recently move here from Central Canada --- there were no oceans there so this is new for us.

Thanks for stopping by!