Friday, March 7, 2008

March Break has arrived.....


The weather here has been fantastic. (Here are some pictures taken today around our yard.) I'm hoping it will continue on into next week. They have finally decided to take next week as their March/Spring break. As Newfoundland follows a different school calendar than Ontario does, we told the children, they could choose which one we'd follow. They would prefer to switch back and forth depending on which one was most suitable for that day.

Most of our snow has gone. This will be the first year in a long time, we have not gone to Niagara Falls for a few days. It's time to start some new traditions, although that may have to wait for next year. We're looking forward to spending some 'us' time for a change. We've spent so many years looking after others, their needs and wants, while putting our own on the back burner.

The time for that to change is long past due.

We're hoping to check out around the ocean a bit more. Hopefully, we can hike up to Cape. St. Francis (where Conception Bay becomes the Atlantic Ocean). There is a beautiful hiking trail not far from hopefully we can take a day and do that.

Brittney wants to do some more baking.....she loves to do that....and we all like to eat it. When the contractors were here, she could hardly wait to serve them coffee and cookies one afternoon.

Tyler will no doubt spend some time on his cartooning. He is developing that more and more all of the time. He's ready to take the next step toward doing this as a career......we're just not 100% sure at this point, what the next step will be.

Jake is gearing up for another busy selling season. He's run out of money and is desperately seeking out ideas. Today, he thought he'd sell off some of his cars. The sign was made, but supper interfered with the rest of his, maybe there'll be some time for business next week. ;-)

Yep....looking forward to the break.

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