Monday, March 3, 2008


I am NEVER moving again.

Not ever.

It feels like we're in perpetual motion here.....constantly moving ...... whether it's from province to province or house to house or room to room. It seems like the shorter the move, the harder it is and the longer it takes to complete. But.....we are slowly making progress and have accomplished some things (probably more than it seems like to us). The carpets are shampooed. Most furniture and boxes have been delivered to their proper room. Most of the boxes have even been emptied (although...just when we think we're done, we find another box somewhere....hiding and waiting for us, just as if it's laughing at us.)

Then there are the boxes and boxes of books. Homeschoolers have lots of books. We spent the better part of today, just sorting the books (and we're still not done).

Every day seems to bring us a bit closer to our goal of being somewhat organized. It will happen.....I'm sure of it. I'm just not sure when. Oh.....and did I mention ---- we're not moving ever again????

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