Thursday, February 28, 2008

We're still here.....

I know it seems like we've been missing in action lately. To be honest.....some days it feels like we are but in reality we are all still here. With the renovations done, I can *finally* get my house set up and organized the way I like. With all things included, we've been living among boxes for almost a year now. I am, quite frankly, sick of it. I've wanted nothing more, for what seems like an eternity now, to put my stuff away and have something that resembles a house. If this is so.....then how come I have no energy to get at it and get finished?!??! I'm working away at it......slowly.....very slowly. We have accomplished some things --- like moving all the bedrooms around, shampooing the carpets, organizing some rooms ---- but most of the boxes/mess/disorganization are still with us. Hmmm....maybe it's the time of year? yes......I think that's it (that's going to be my excuse and I'm sticking to it ;-) )

Pics are soon as I have some 'after' shots to post.

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Linda said...

I find it takes 3 years to make a house feel like home with kids etc. The first being the hardest.