Sunday, February 24, 2008

Every day is a new one.....

One thing we can say about life on The is always changing.

Even though we've been here for six months already, change has always been constant. Each day seems different with a new branch presented every day. That gives a feeling of still trying to settle in.

Larry now has five full-time tutors and two part-time ones. He has been out substitute teaching some days too. He enjoys this work and is well suited for it. I watch him with our own children, whether it's math or algebra or physics they are struggling with, he has such a great way of explaining things. He is so amazes me. If they don't understand the first way, he explains it another. If they don't understand that way, he moves on to yet another way. Eventually, he finds a way they understand which results in a happy child confident to move on in their studies.

I think he's learned a lot about himself since we've been here. Teaching in Toronto has many challenges. Those stresses, together with the goings on in his personal life, really took their toll. Not just on him, but on all of us. He is happy to be back in the classroom again. I am convinced it is where he is meant to be and what he is meant to do.

I've learned a lot about many different things since we've been here too. A lot about myself, my family and my family of origin. Some of it surprising, some of it not so surprising and some I think I've always known but tried to put it out of my mind.

Hopefully, we can take all of our new found knowledge, apply it in the best possible manner to our life here and chart our new path. I'm not sure where this journey is leading us, exactly. It's interesting, freeing and unsettling at the same time.

I'll keep you posted.

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Linda said...

My husband is a teacher as well. He had a break working in the IT industry. (BR)