Sunday, February 10, 2008

Culture Shock....Life on The Rock

We have been shocked by many things here in Newfoundland. To name just two -- the warmth of the Newfoundlanders and just how trusting they are. We just aren't used of it!

Today after church, a gentleman invited us back to his house for lunch. We graciously accepted and were surprised upon our arrival at just how many were there. He has many sons, a lot of them who were there, along with their wives and grandchildren. On top of that, there were 12 of us who were not family members. They do this almost every Sunday (my friend from the church told me they were invited when they first started attending, which was over 10 years ago). They do this at random, inviting people as they see them. He said one week, they had 28 people there. Oh my!! Apparently, one of his sons has started a group on Facebook for 'those who have had lunch at Audrey and Dom's'. (I tried to search this out, but am not too familiar with facebook and haven't been able to locate it). wasn't a 'lunch' --- it was a dinner, complete with three different kinds of pies for dessert!

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We're going to a Valentine's party. When Larry stopped in to get the tickets, he didn't have the correct change. The man didn't have any change, nor did his wife. "That's ok, b'ye" he said, "You go on now and pay me later or pay at the door."

We're having some repairs done to our house. Although it took some time in actually getting the contractors here, they finally arrived. They never asked for a deposit or any money up front or money to buy any supplies --- nothing. They've been working away, no mention of money, when it will be due.....nothing.

We just aren't used of this.

To better illustrate what we're used of, my brother-in-law's funeral comes to mind. This is an industry that should be compassionate and understanding, right? After all, a loved one has just been lost, it takes time to digest and accept. Apparently, not so --- not at this particular Funeral Home in Oshawa, Ontario. We were shocked, unfortunately in the opposite way. About a day and a half after the death, we met with the funeral director to make plans for the funeral. We sat there in disbelief as the director advised us half of the funeral payment was due that day, with the other half being due within 4 or 5 days. Funerals aren't cheap either. On top of the shock of losing someone, there was a sense of embarrassment trying to come up with that amount of cash on such short notice. So much for time to grieve.

We thought perhaps it was just the funeral home, you know one bad apple. Not so though, we received the same treatment at the cemetery. They would not inter the remains until their payment had been received.

It's amazing to us, the difference in attitudes. We've only moved a few provinces away, it's the same country after all. Hard to believe things can be so different.

Yep......Culture shock, at it's finest ;-)


Penelope said...

Welcome to the east coast! :) You're going to really love it if you have a power outage and the local stores spot you food and water until the power comes back on ;-)

I love the East Coast hospitality, and Mario never ceases to be amazed by it - even after 16 years in Atlantic Canada.

Linda said...

We are often told to pay later here. It is in the same part of our state to our hometown but more remote.

Linda said...

Penelope it is the same here as our atms sometimes don't work.

Sometimes people help you out at the cash registers, those in line.

Justme said...

LOL, this post reminds me of my first time in NL. Talk about a culture shock! I simply could not believe that it was real, it's so different from Toronto. The hardest thing for me to get used to was having unlocked doors and people just simply dropping in whenever the mood would strike. I'm so excited to be moving back there. What a wonderful place for children to grow up!
And I'm going to try hard to NOT have a comment for every post as I've started at the beginning of your blog and working my way forward. lol

At Home on the Rock... said...

Hi Justme

Thanks for stopping by! I will leave a message on my main blog too...hopefully we can connect through one of those means...but if you want to email me at I'd be glad to share any info I have about homeschooling here in Newfoundland