Sunday, February 17, 2008

Finally......time to take a break from the stress

Larry and I went to a Valentine's party last night. The first time we've been out in........well I can't really remember the last time we actually went out, on our own.

We were....somewhat apprehensive, but friends of ours had been requesting "the honour of our presence" at similar events....for quite some time.

As I was getting ready to go out, Brittney just stood there, watching me with a look of amazement on her face. Her mouth hung opened and she seemed to be speechless --- not something she usually is. As I put the last touches on, she finally piped up, "Wow mom, I didn't know you could look like that. You look like you're 28." That surprised me.....I wasn't what you would call dressed up. It was a casual affair---dressy jeans, a bit of makeup and some jewelry. I guess it was the makeup that made me look so different in her eyes (now I think about it, it was most likely the makeup. I had to dig through yet unpacked boxes to find most of it. We've been here for five months now......that says everything about how much and often I wear it.)

As I mentioned, we were a little bit apprehensive......we don't drink, have probably never been dancing (well not since we've been married anyway), we'd be meeting people from our small town, all the while hoping to not stand out like a "couple of strange mainlanders...that talk and dance funny."

But....I keep forgetting....this IS Newfoundland (see video link --- it describes the essence and charm of Newfoundland much better than I ever could). There is just 'more' of everything here.....'more' rock, 'more' water, 'more' clean air, 'more' open space....the list of 'more' goes on and on. In that vein, parties and celebrations are no exception. For once, people didn't focus on our accent, or where we were from or why we came, they were there to have fun --- plain and simple. it was. They included us as if we were life-long, long-lost friends.

It was amazing.

The band was wonderful ---- comprised of older gents as well as younger ones. They played a mix of traditional Newfoundland music, rock, country, folk and perhaps others I didn't take note of. There were older people there as well as younger ones and the band had the unique ability to engage the older crowd at the same time as the younger crowd. Nobody seemed to notice --- not even us --- when the genre changed. They did it so seamlessly and all present had an enjoyable evening....all the way around.

After the last few stress-filled years, that left us with no time, energy or desire for anything that remotely resembled fun.....we were long overdue. It was just what the Doctor ordered.

We're already eagerly looking forward to our next celebration here in Newfoundland.

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