Saturday, February 16, 2008

Learning Week

It's been one of those weeks around here. You know --- one that is very busy but feels as if nothing is getting accomplished. In actual fact, many things were completed, just not in the organized manner I'm used of and that I would like.

Computer problems, continuing renovations, raging rain and wind storm which revealed a major leak, as well as a brief power outage at the same time I was attempting to prepare dinner........the list seemed to go on and on. first inclination was to get very upset ---- but I am learning life is all about choices. Some choices are as simple as which socks should I wear or what shall we have for lunch. Unfortunately, not all choices are that simple. No....sometimes things happen we have not planned on and we have to choose how we respond to the circumstances put before us.

I was not impressed when my computer would not connect to the Internet. After several hours of frustrating attempts to reconnect --- both on my own and through my ISP --- I still had no success. This led to talking with Microsoft themselves and during my 2.5 hours on the phone with them --- I learned many things. You see, this particular tech was in India. While waiting for things to download etc., there was much opportunity to find out things about India --- first hand. No need to consult text books or the internet --- nope just ask questions. He had some questions about Canada as well.

I was even more unimpressed with my newly discovered leak. Actually, I knew it was there, but didn't realize how bad it was. Upon mentioning it to our contractors, one started to investigate. I was fairly sure the problem was with the door and he concurred. Much to my surprise, he said, "You need a new door and we'll put it in today." We did not hire them for this purpose, but a new door was needed and so that was it. It meant throwing their schedule off (they would have been finished the renos yesterday, until they started with the door). He took the measurements, called his boss, told him to bring a door and two hours later ---- we had a new door! I must say, this fact impresses me about the Newfoundlanders --- when something needs to be done, they get at it and do it. None of this standing around, contemplating, scheduling, discussing it --- nope --- it gets done.

After the computer not working and no hope in sight (I couldn't locate the problem and the ISP couldn't either), then discovering the leak (which meant practically standing there all afternoon, mopping up the drops, the last thing I wanted or needed was for the power to go out. I just wanted to make dinner and get this day behind us. It was not meant to be that way though. As mentioned --- in the middle of dinner preparation, the power went out. This was the icing on my cake. We lit a fire in the wood stove, sat around chatting and waiting for the power to be reconnected.

I could have been totally frustrated (and would not be truthful if I said I wasn't frustrated, because initially I was very).....but I am trying to choose the way I respond to these situations and not let these situations control me. Therefore......I chose (or tried to, at least) to see this day as the glass is half-full kind of a day.

1) I learned some things about India that I would have otherwise not learned.

2) I found out exactly how bad the leak was, had the problem addressed and now have a new door installed. (Hopefully, this was the cause of the leak and the end of this problem.)

3) It gave us a chance and a reason to sit around a fire, doing nothing but chatting and laughing together. It gave us an 'excuse' to do nothing when there were so many things that needed to be done (and we would have been doing if the power had not gone out).

4) The raging rain storm, took away most of our snow. Hmmmm.....the town's motto is Pouch Cove is "first to see the sun." I'm hoping we're first to see the snow go and first to see the Spring.

I'll keep you posted.

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Linda said...

Our new house used to have mysterious water leaks. In the end my husband cut grooves in the side step and the water runs back outside instead of inside. Some of the leaks were due to nail holes.

We sometimes have power outs, haven't had one during tea for awhile, but need to get our gas bottle filled for the camp stove or buy a modern camp stove.