Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Arrgghhh.....Moving Day ........ Again

Moving ---- to put it mildly, I hate it!
This is the fourth time, in eight months we've had the 'opportunity' to move, in some form at least. Larry's brother passed away last April. So.....while in the process of packing our own things to move from Ontario to Newfoundland, we had all of his things to go through, pack up and deal up with. Packing up and moving one house was difficult enough, but two was almost unbearable. Some help would have been nice.....but not too much seemed to come our way. Oh well....thems the breaks I guess.

Once we were actually on the road heading eastward, the stress disappeared. The excruciating headache I had solid everyday for over two months and the total body weakness I had been experiencing for the same amount of time, seemed to dissipate. .

Arriving in Bauline, we'd planned on staying there for awhile. So a lot of our large things went into storage. We kept the boxes with us and packed each one into any nook or cranny we could find in our rented house. It's surprising the places one can find to store boxes.

We'd no sooner unpacked the items we could use and repacked the things that weren't necessary and stored our boxes when we found 'our home'. We'd been in Bauline for only a month and it was time to pack up and move again.

We were glad to have our own place, but it lacked a few things. Storage space was the biggest thing.....not a single coat closet in sight and hardly any storage closets. We enlisted the services of a contractor to add some closets etc., but they were booked up until at least Christmas. Sooo......we once again unpacked the necessary items, repacked the things that weren't all that necessary and learned to live amongst the boxes.......yet again. Living amongst the boxes almost seemed normal to me by this time.

Well....yesterday the carpenters finished their work here. While I am extremely happy.....I now also realize.....there is more work ahead. We are all changing bedrooms --- Tyler is going to the new room downstairs. Brittney is leaving the master bedroom upstairs and moving to the bedroom we were in downstairs. Jake is moving into Tyler's room and we are moving into the master bedroom upstairs. Confused yet??? I am. So now the fun begins ---- between trying to shampoo carpets, move everybody's furniture to a different room, continue on with homeschooling and extra curricular events plus carry on normal family's going to be a challenge.

I've taken pictures but will wait to post them when I can take the 'after' shots. Wish us happy unpacking and happy moving.


Penelope said...

Ugh, sounds a lot like work! Enjoy it - I'm sure the organizing and arranging can be fun....can't it?

At Home on the Rock... said...

LOL, I do find the organizing and arranging fun....and since we've been living like this for so long now, I'm especially looking forward to havin everything organized. What I can't believe is how much junk we've accumulated in such a short time --- especially Jake's room!!! oh my. I guess since we've been upside down, I was a little lax in keeping on top of his room --- oye

Linda said...

Both our houses are a bit like that. I haven't had a wardrobe built, the real estate agent suggested our new house needed one. As least this one has one in one of the bedrooms.