Friday, March 21, 2008


somewhere between here....
(Our Ontario Home)

....and here
(Our Newfoundland Home)

...sigh.....I used to be such an organized person....with 'used to be' being the key phrase here. There was a time and a place for everything and everything was in it's place and done on time. I had no trouble adhering to this and in fact thrived on it.

That was then.

I'm not sure what happened to all of this organizational ability I used to have, but it seems to have gotten lost somewhere between Ontario and Pouch Cove, Newfoundland.

I'm know..... it has something to do with packing up and moving five provinces away. Now, I've heard people saying one move is difficult enough......but we did three moves and all within a six week span. Two of them were done simultaneously and let me tell you, it took it's toll.

One move was our own. We chose to do this and were prepared for the turmoil that we knew would follow (being organized really helped here).

We weren't prepared however, to pack up all of Larry's brother's house and belongings though --- that was totally unexpected. Some help from somebody would have been appreciated. Anything.... but not too much was forthcoming, which left us to do most of it. In our typical fashion though, we arose to the occasion, completed everything in time but at great expense to our family's health and well-being.

The third move was again our choice. We moved from our rental home into our own home. Again, this had been part of our original plan --- to come to NL, rent until we found our own home. We were half way through and had to carry on. we are in NL left to pick up the pieces. I am more than a bit concerned over my lack of being able to get on with things. This has been a valuable lesson for me in doing for others at the expense of my own family. One more thing I need to re-evaluate. After many attempts to kick start us again, I've decided baby steps are the way to go. I'm hoping so I'm running out of ideas.

Starting next week, I'm going to reintroduce one of my old tried and tested ways...making weekly menu plans. As simple as this sounds, even this has been a challenge for me to complete. Deciding what we would eat has been left to the last minute. That led to something highly processed with not much nutritional value being popped in the oven for a quick meal. The lack of nutritional food certainly didn't offer the fuel my body needs to function at it's peak. This of course would leave me with even less energy and meal planning became even more of a challenge. It was a vicious downward-spiraling cycle and one I need to break out of.

I know *if* I am prepared ahead of time (with a meal plan and time to buy proper ingredients), we will eat better. With eating better, we will feel better. This baby step will, hopefully, help me feel more motivated to being organized and get back to our life.

So.....wish me luck..... I'll keep you posted on my new venture.

Meanwhile, if anyone sees my lost motivation and organization, please send it on home. :0)


Miranda said...

Wow, you've had a blog for three months already and I only just found it!? It's been so great to catch up on your doings, and to see photos of your kids. Their personalities shine right through in the photos ... and in your writing.

At Home on the Rock... said...

Thanks for stopping by, Miranda!

Hmmm....did you mention once that Pouch Cove is one of your old stomping grounds?

Linda said...

I think baby steps are the way to go.