Monday, March 17, 2008

Entrepreneurial spirit alive and well

As posted about HERE Jake is on a never-ending quest to make some money. Daily, he comes up with various ideas --- any idea ---- for him to earn some money.

Last week, he was going to write some books --- hand draw them, print them, staple them together and sell them door to door in our neighbourhood.

After that, he wanted to sell off some of his small cars.

Then he thought drawings were the way to go.

Tonight, he came downstairs with some of his clothes. He wanted to know if he could sell them off.

Then he thought he'd make more cookies. Brittney quickly pointed out nobody would be out and about in this storm and he'd sell no cookies.

He is certainly trying to earn some money and has no lack of new and different ideas. For one reason or another, none of them seem to be flying --- but he doesn't give up. Determination is one of his strong suits.

Now those of you who know Jake, know he loves to give back rubs (even to people he barely knows.....he'll just go up and start rubbing their back) when I was laying down watching tv tonight and he suggested I pay him for a back rub and to have my hair brushed.......I could hardly refuse. I asked him how much he charged (and think I caught him by surprise because all of his other ideas never panned out). He quickly announced .25 for the back rub and .25 for the hair brushed. He offered to do a make over for an extra .25 but I thought we'd leave that for another day.

About half way into the back rub, he announced he'd made a mistake.....the back rub was actually going to cost $2.00.....

ummmm.....I don't think so Jake ---- nice try though.

I hope he remembers his first customers when he he makes his first million. ;-0

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