Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gone missing.....ugh

I told the kids this morning I would be washing their bed sheets. I asked each of them to strip their bed and bring the sheets and pillow cases to the laundry room. As I placed each child's sheets into the washer, I noticed one was missing from Jake's pile. past experience has taught me I prepared myself (for his response) and off I went to ask him for an explanation.

Me: Jake, one of your sheets is missing....only one made it to the laundry.

Jake: Oh.....ummmmmm.....hehehe.....ya.....that (as he faintly smiled trying to come up with an answer). That's ummm...kinda gone missing....

Me: Missing???

Jake: Ummm....ya

Me: Where did it go missing to?

Jake: Ummmm.....I'm not sure....but it's been missing for a day or two.

......sigh....I'm not sure how...(or where) a bed sheet can go missing.....but apparently it can. Anything, it seems, is possible (and I've been looking all day and still haven't found it)


Jacqueline said...

You mean thte sheet stealing fairy visits your house too! I thought we were the only ones. :)

At Home on the Rock... said...

LOL Jacqueline --- Hmmm....perhaps the sheet stealing fairy lives here in NL??

molytail said...

Yeah that fairy takes socks & mittens too! ;-)

Penelope said...

aaahahahahaa! Oh Linda, that is too funny! We've had a lot of things go missing here, but a sheet, thankfully, isn't one of them! I can just picture Jake as he's telling you that it's gone missing LOL

Has it turned up yet?

At Home on the Rock... said...

Penelope -- Nope, unfortunately, it hasn't turned up. It has to be somewhere here, it's not like it's face cloth size....but where....???