Monday, September 8, 2008

We haven't fallen into the ocean...

really....we haven't lol. We're still here. Sorry for the long absence. Between ongoing health issues (appointments etc.), getting back into school and just everyday busy life.....I haven't had time to blog.

I can hardly believe September is here....I'm not sure *what* happened to the summer.

Tyler is entering what would be his grade 11 year. I can hardly believe this...he is now old enough to drive and he's starting to formulate some plans for after high school.

Brittney is entering her grade 9 year. Here in NL, highschool does not start until grade 10, but in Ontario, highschool begins at grade 9. She is quite self-motivated with her studies. This saves my energy so I can help motivate Jake.

Jake is entering his grade 5 year. I'm pleased with the increase in focus I've seen in him so far. I know we're only 4 days into the new year but anything is a great improvement.

Larry has been busy setting up and arranging his tutoring schedule for this new school year. He's also been busy visiting area schools, meeting with Vice Principals etc. about substitute teaching.

We're pretty much into the swing of things now (other than piano lessons and youth group but they're set to start within the next couple of weeks).


Jacqueline said...

Great to see a post here again! I've been missing your posts. Sounds like you have a pretty busy year ahead of you.

molytail said...

The summer seems to have flown by here too - I think it's partly because of how dull, dreary, and wet the month of August was!

Highschool doesn't start until grade ten here either - I didn't know it started at grade 9 in Ontario! I thought that was just a states thing - I've heard of it down that way...