Monday, September 22, 2008

Islanders Through and Through

It has been pointed out to us that we must have a thing for islands.

When we lived in Ontario, we lived on an island.

The whole province where we now live is an island, although larger than the previous one we lived on.

I guess this observation must be somewhat accurate as I've been noticing and watching the island in the above picture for quite some time now. It's located on one of the many inland lakes that dot this area (Newfoundlanders call them ponds but they are lakes to us). We pass by this lake on our way to town and I'm always eager to see the state of this little chunk of land as we do. I'm not sure who the keeper of this island is, but they seem to keep an oh so ever watchful eye on it.

When the flag becomes slightly worn and tattered from the weather, it is immediately replaced with a fresh one. An equal turn is given to this Newfoundland Flag and this Newfoundland Flag and the Canadian Flag..

A little while ago, I noticed the island-keeper (whoever he or she may be) had also added a rocking chair to this island (can you see it? Click pic to enlarge). What more could one want?

Hmmmm....I wonder if it's for sale and what the property taxes on it would be?


Jacqueline said...

Oh that is cute!

Becky said...

That is an island for 1. You have prettiest scenery.

armywife_gnr said...

I love it, gotta give them credit for having pride in our country.

molytail said...

Ha, too cool! :-D