Sunday, September 14, 2008

That time of year again

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Wow, I can hardly believe it is the middle of September....not sure where the summer has gone.

We're full swing into our school year now. Piano lessons start this week and then it will be business as usual.

Time to start bringing in the wood. It's been piled outside all summer but the time has arrived to get it in under cover. Tyler has somewhat settled into the fact a lot of the wood related chores are his responsibility. He spent some time on Saturday morning bringing some into the shed for us. Over the next few days (as long as the rain holds off), he'll take it all in.

Last year, we ran out of firewood about March. Being new the whole wood burning scenario, we didn't know how much we'd need. There was a lot here when we bought the house and figured it would last all winter. It lasted most of the winter, but not quite the whole thing. Hopefully this year, there will be enough.

Nothing like a warm, crackling fire on a cold winter's night!


Jacqueline said...

Just remind Tyler of the muscles he is building while working with the wood. :)

Becky said...

The summer really has flew past in a hurry. We have been getting the wood ready also. Last year we thought we had enough wood for 2 or 3 years. We had to get more for this year. I guess we burn more than we think. I agree, there's no warmth like wood heat. Glad you are back.

molytail said...

While I don't envy Tyler the work of carrying the wood, I do wish that we had a woodstove here - someday when we buy a place, we definitely will. :-)