Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunrise over Pouch Cove (click pics to enlarge)

"First To See The Sun"

That is our town's motto.

We awoke to a beautiful sunrise on Sunday morning. I just had to run outside (in my jammies no less) to take pictures of the beautiful sunrise that was before us.

A couple taken from beside our house...That is our shed.

Then on to the back look out point to see more. I couldn't resist.

The Food Fishery is once again open for a short period of time(for how long, I'm not exactly sure but it's only for a few weeks --- two or three maybe?? Not long in any event). Because fishing is no longer allowed, we don't usually hear or see small fishing boats. Larger ones, like Coast Guard type ships are the only ones who grace our view. With the Food Fishery being open, coupled with the beautiful day today, there were a lot of boats out there (later in the day). This early in the morning though, I could spot only one already out there....that was until I heard another motor. It took me a couple of seconds to spot it's a BIG ocean and I can hardly believe how small these boats appear. Can you see it? Click on the picture to make it larger ..... can you see it now?

It's getting closer to the sparkling sun reflection....'s there.....

And one more of the sunrise....I just couldn't resist...;0)

Looking southward back on some of the town of Pouch Cove

The southern part of our property. Can you see the water falls in the middle of the picture? Click on it to make it larger. We've dubbed these falls "Pouch Cove Falls" (kind of reminds you of Niagara Falls, doesn't it? Well....ok...I guess they're not *quite* that big but we like to pretend lol. In the spring with the snow melt, the rushing river and subsequent water falling off these rocks is

Looking northward....We are about as far north and east as there is in Canada. One can go further north and part of Newfoundland is a bit further east....but we're about as far northeast as it gets.

Meanwhile, later on the deck.....did I mention it was a gorgeous day? It went up to 25 degrees Celsius (hmmm...I think that is approx 78 degrees Fahrenheit). I'm guessing there won't be too many more days like this, so we decided to take advantage by having a BBQ.

Chef Larry at work...

Brittney in the back yard...

Brittney at the lookout point, back part of our property. Can you see her? Click on pic to make it bigger.

How about now, a little bit closer ---- can you see her?

What a great day! Beautiful sunrise, clean air, sunshine, 25 degrees ...... gotta love days like this. Unfortunately, it's probably one of the last for this year.

Oh well....not much we can do I suppose.


molytail said...

Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. I would *love* to live right where you're living!

Jacqueline said...

Beautiful pictures! I have just one question - where's the picture of you that you were supposed to take??? I hope you didn't miss that chance. If you did, get the camera out now and take one! ;)

At Home on the Rock... said...

LOL Jacqueline --- I *knew* you were going to ask that....what can I say though....old habits die hard.....I know...this area still needs lots of work ;-) I'll do better next time.

yofed said...

I love your pictures!!!

BTW, I just tagged you for a book meme!!! ;)

Tilly said...

Beautiful photo's. I love the sea but live so far away from it.