Monday, October 6, 2008

1/2 hour later in Newfoundland

Our maple trees.....still mostly green

Brittney's pea plants....still flowering and producing pods

I remember, many moons ago, the tv announcer saying those words. I never understood *why* he said them, but he always did.

We've noticed many things here in Newfoundland seem to happen later than what we were used of while living in Ontario.

The winter and cold weather start later. (Hopefully the snow will too!) I don't think we've had any frosts yet. Our days are still in the teens, with nights getting down to around 5 (Celsius). Last Friday morning, the radio weather guy said it was 16 degrees out....and that was at 6:00 a.m.!

The Spring and Summer start later, although this year we didn't really have any Spring. The local people claimed, it was *my* icebergs (scroll down to see all of them) that caused the weather to stay so cool. They never seemed to share in my exuberance while talking about the fact many of them looked downright horrified at my display of excitement. Well....what can I only defence is I'm a mainlander....and we don't see too many icebergs.

The grass was much later getting green. We didn't cut our grass for the first time until June. In Ontario it was always early May and one year April 29. The trees were later coming out.

Vegetables and Fruit ripen later. We were picking strawberries well in to August. Our pea plants are *still* producing flowers and pods.

The trees haven't really started to change colour yet. Granted, most of the trees here are evergreens, but we do have three Maples in our yard. With the exception of a very small patch on one tree, they are all still quite green.

It's interesting to see and experience all of these differences. Things we took for granted to happen at a certain time, don't and we have now have to adjust our thinking. Not easy when we've only been used of doing things a certain way and at a certain time.

Hmmmm.....I wonder if this is what that tv announcer meant by "1/2 hour later in Newfoundland" ? *wink*

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Penelope said...

Ahahahaha...I love it! You might be on to something, there ;)