Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Newfoundland Storm

A few pictures taken in our yard this morning. It was raining but not storming. Most of the trees around here are evergreen, but we have three Maples in our yard. We don't have the vibrant colours we were used of in Ontario, but the trees in our yard are quite bright compared to all of the 'green' that dots the landscape

These yellows are really bright....the camera doesn't do it any justice. They almost look like they are glowing and these are out in our front yard.

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This one is at the side of our house....it's still mostly green but the tops and outer leaves are starting to turn bright red.

There is a Newfoundland storm happening here today. The winds are just starting to pick up. The above pictures were taken this morning and although it was raining, there was no wind.

The weather report called for upward of 70 mm of rain and high winds. I've heard several reports --- all with varying wind speeds. Some say 50 - 70 kmh and others say up to 100 kmh. Eeekkk. That's a lot of rain and wind....no matter which report is correct.

I was a little out of sorts when I heard of the impending weather, that was until the reporter mentioned if this was December or January, the 70 mm of rain would be 50 cm of snow.....hmmmm.....we'll keep the rain thank you very much. 50 cm of snow???.......I have some on-line friends who live in much warmer climates than ours....perhaps we could send them some of our snow???

Any takers?

In the meantime, I'm going down to light a fire in the wood stove. Nothing like sitting around a crackling fire when the weather outside isn't all that welcoming.


Becky said...

I will take all the snow!Air mail it to US, Georgia, Please. We did have a blizzard in 1993 with 21 inches. I want me another one of those. Your trees are very pretty. I love the yellow, like sunshine on a not so sunny day.

armywife_gnr said...

Thanks but you can keep all your snow. My hopes are high that it won't snow at all this year ok Im dreaming LOL. Enjoy your fire!

Linda said...

I have been struggling feeling happy without my fire too. It was nice to see it going this morning.

Cathy said...

Hello there
Have been visiting your blog for a while now, following your new life away, and this is the first time I've said Hello
Any takers?
For the rain - a big YES, for the snow - a big NO :))
We desperately need rain here in Melbourne but SNOW is the reason we don't visit family in Nova Scotia at Christmas time lol
Take care