Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Update to yesterday's post...

(from my comments on yesterday's post)

And the winner is .......

BECKY!!! We will be glad to send you all of our snow....when (and if it armywife_gnr said....I'm also hoping we won't get any snow but I'm probably dreaming) So....if we get any, I'll package it all up and send it via mail to your place....I hope the mailman won't mind the odd soggy box lol ;0) )

Arnywife_gnr --- I'm with's hoping we get no snow (although I spoke to my Dad and Brother last night, both are in Ontario, and they said they were getting snow....eeekkk....I hope they keep it there)

Linda -- Yes, there is just something about a nice fire, isn't there? It makes things seem so cozy.

Cathy --- Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! Glad you enjoy reading. Wow, all the way from Australia! Linda's from there as well....I've always had a fascination with Australia....I really want to visit there some day.

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It *was* quite the storm last night and it's still windy now....the wind howled all night long. Jake slept with us.....the wind scared him too much. And....we had lots of rain...lots and lots. was better than snow (not much but a bit). Parts of Ontario had snow...some northern areas had accumulation I guess I shouldn't complain too much.

I hope our shingles, shed etc. are all still in's too dark yet and I can't see out. Here's hoping.

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