Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Hobby

Brittney has decided she likes doing laundry. heard me right....she *likes* to do laundry.

And....that's absolutely all right with me. Almost every day she looks around to see if there is enough laundry to do. She gets frustrated with me when I try to explain why we don't do laundry every day.

When laundry day does roll around (and laundry day is determined by when there are enough clothes to wash and when the weather outside is nice enough to hang the clothes), she excitedly gathers the items, lugs them upstairs and outside, hangs them on the line and then returns them to their owner once dry. She said to me, "It's kind of like a new hobby."

So...for now appears I've lost one of my jobs and as I mentioned...that's absolutely o.k. with me.


Jacqueline said...

Can I borrow her for a while? :)

Penelope said...

Know what's really weird? I like to do laundry too. I really do. I really began enjoying laundry when I started hanging out baby clothes. There's something about the smell of line dried laundry. I even enjoy folding it - it's kind of like a clean little present!

It's a sickness. I know that.

Linda said...

That is a fantastic line!

Becky said...

It is great to have a little help isn't it? I have 2 kids that "like" to do their own laundry. Now if I could get them to "like" sweeping & mopping.
Oh, I showed your scenic pics. to my hubby and he is looking at homes for sale in Novia Scotia. I guess we can dream.

At Home on the Rock... said...

Becky --- Nova Scotia is really nice too.