Thursday, October 16, 2008

We've been hit...

with that nasty bug which has been making it's rounds.

Jake was the first to get it, although he's been on the mend for a few days now. He passed it on to Brittney and of course, she shared with Tyler. The usual --- sore throat, fever, coughing and all that good stuff.

I haven't had the bug (yet anyway), but am still dealing with my own on going health issues. That, plus looking after sick kids and trying to get ready ready for a chocolate sale, it's all taking it's toll.

We haven't been very happy campers around here this week. Whoever has the most energy at the time, does the task which needs to be done. Only the necessities are being done and not a whole lot of school work. I know when Tyler doesn't do any school work for two days, he's really sick (well he's done his French, but nothing else).

So far Larry has been spared...good thing....somebody has to be healthy. Although apparently, Jake feels *he* is healthy. After returning from the library today, he wanted to know where his Dad was. When I said he'd gone to work, Jake responded with,

"I'm not sure why Dad would go off and leave me home with three sick people."

How sympathetic of him, isn't it? Especially, since he was the one who brought first brought it home. How soon he forgets. ;0)


Jacqueline said...

Oh dear! Not fun. My little one has been fighting a bug for almost a month now. She seems to be on the mend at the moment but I've thought that before this month too. :( Hope you are all feeling better soon.

yofed said...

That's too bad! I hope you all get better soon!!!

Becky said...

Same here, it is yucky. I hope everyone gets on the mend soon. Poor Jake, stuck with sick people, he sounds like a lot of fun.
Take Care

armywife_gnr said...

I hope everyone gets better soon.